Three signs that you are ‘Organisationally Challenged’ and their solutions

You are always running late and forgetting to take things with you.

Have a plan of what you need to achieve or where you need to go, write a list of what you need to take and put it with your car keys and phone so you won’t forget it.  Then working backwards write up a time scale of activities to get you out the door and what time you have to leave.  And remember to always allow a 10 minute buffer for last minute emergencies.

You keep moving things that are hanging (i.e.clutter) but you never seem to get the space any tidier.

Feel like you are ‘shuffling deck chairs on the Titanic’?  If your things don’t actually belong in a cupboard, on a shelf, or don’t have a home anywhere, they are clutter.  Establish a home for the clutter.  Label that area.  Then the item will find its way home and no longer be clutter.

There’s just stuff piled everywhere and you don’t know what to do with it.

Start asking the hard questions of each item individually.  Do you really want to keep it?  Is it time for a big declutter?  To declutter successfully be prepared and have sorting boxes ready to go labelled such as ‘Op Shop’ or ‘To A Friend’.  If you do want to keep them start grouping ‘like’ items together and then establish a home for all those items. Then follow the step above and find them a home.


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