Denise came to our home to help with a very tight and dysfunctional area in our home and did a great job. It is the bedroom of a 6’5’’ teenage boy (arckk!) It went from disorganised and dysfunctional to organised and a working space for him.

There was no:

1. Blood loss

2. Swear words

3. High blood pressure

Importantly no unworkable clutter when she left!

The room is an attic bedroom with sloping walls and is tight on space. It was cute when my son was 3 years old and 3 foot high! Since then he has collected a wardrobe full of historic military uniforms, PC and other technology, and still had some of his quirky science and other paraphernalia. Clutter galore.

Using a logical and creative approach Denise negotiated with my son the dispatch of a mountain of redundant items and reorganised the locations and storage of what remained. I couldn’t do what she achieved in 6 hours. I’d be dispatched!

Denise worked effectively alongside my son and harmony and order was reinstated. Highly recommended. Good ROI from Denise!

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