After a kitchen renovation and  getting my kitchen cupboards all sorted I decided I needed some help with my day to day paper piles that were mounting up into a disorganised mess!

Denise came around for a consult with my husband and me and the first piece of advice resulted in a big mind shift for us – seeing our cupboard spaces as ‘prime real estate’. Over the next weeks we reorganised some spaces from this perspective and this has been fantastic; I now have much more functional spaces and have created in and out ‘boxes’ which are working very well.

And the systems Denise suggested for managing and organising my notes and To Do lists is working a treat; I am still using it 3 months into starting, so that is a real plus and a surprise to me as well!

Thank you Denise for your help and for your email prompts keeping our commitments to complete the tasks we said we would – and we did!




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