I recently employed the services of Denise from Systems For Order to try and bring some order to my chaotic daily life.  I have two young kids at school, I run my business and I have a household to run. I know I am not alone in this, but it felt as if I was drowning in daily tasks and I needed some order in my life.

Denise came in and immediately brought some order to the chaos.  She systematically went through each thing that was stressing me out and came up with a solution.  She had everything printed out, ready to go and easy to follow thanks to a pre-consultation.

We went over morning and afternoon routines for the kids so we knew exactly what we were doing at those times, she helped me re-organise my living areas to that the living area remained just that and the kids now have their own space to draw, do art, and put away their school bags, hats, books, etc.

She helped me re-organise their bedroom to make it easier for them to dress themselves in the morning, put their own clothes away and just have more room to do it all in.  Denise even helped with creating a laundry plan to make laundry sorting and washing far easier.

In a nutshell, Denise has brought a little bit more order to our formerly chaotic lives and I cannot thank her enough.  She continuously follows up to see how we're progressing and provides more tips and tricks.  I cannot wait to implement everything she has shown us, as we're still a work in progress.  But I cannot thank Denise enough.

I highly recommend Denise for any organisation in the home or office and I will be employing her services just as soon as I can to bring some order to my workspace.

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