When Denise walked into my Home Office, she said, "Ah, you're a horizontal filer...", and I knew it was going to be okay. No judgement... just clear guidelines on how to improve a messy situation.

After discussing what I wanted from the room, other than to reclaim the day bed and desk, she made suggestions for filing vertically, labelling, and reclaiming 'the best real estate' - i.e. the space around my work station. In a friendly, no nonsense way, we devised plans to make the space clearer and more productive.  By the time she left, the bed was useable.

I was enthused and felt that I now knew what to do; I even continued on into the afternoon and finished with a great sense of achievement. Having made notes and feeling motivated, I carried out the rest of her suggestions over the next week.  

The result - a clearer head, a more organised space with room to work, and less time spent searching for things. There's still filing to do - a work in progress, but thanks so much, Denise!" 

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