Having witnessed the ability of Denise to keep an efficient, ordered and happy home, and
home office over a number of years, I was delighted to hear that she was going to assist others
with the practical help and knowledge to do the same.

I have worked from a home office for 15 years, which has included both travel for business
and managing a family. Gradually I had fallen into accepting the clutter that resulted,
believing that I could never clear it, or change, unless my family or my business time suffered.
Denise’s skills have shown me that far from taking me away from family or business clearing
the clutter and organizing room by room has resulted in less time spent on trying to find
things, feeling relaxed about inviting guests to the house (without 2 hours clean up
beforehand), and systematically working my way through the rest of the house. I am however
planning on securing Denise’s services again at intervals this year to assist with the rest of the
house and family schedules to keep me on track.

Denise’s personal qualities and working style have made time with her a pleasure. She fully
explains her methods at the commencement of the onsite work, including explaining your
engagement in the process, and asks pertinent questions about your needs and goals
concerning the de-cluttering process (what do you wish to view prior to discarding/recycling,
for e.g.). Nothing is discarded without your permission. Denise then moves on with the
process unobtrusively. She is personable, non-judgmental and very keen to see that you are
left with a sustainable system. From her past business/work experience she is mindful of
confidentiality and is also careful with fragile items. I found it hard to believe the
extraordinary change effected in a matter of hours over one day.

I highly recommend Systems for Order for all busy families, business owners, business
owners with home offices, anyone moving house, and companies with executives moving into
or out of Melbourne.

I am looking forward to securing Denise’s services again,

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