Denise Childs has worked with me again this year. I managed to keep up most of her systems for the whole year, which has never happened before. As we had a place for everything it was not too difficult to put things in their place.

This year we tackled some even harder areas: the under-croft and my too large collection of clothes. In her gentle and persistent style, Denise was able to help me jettison nine bags of clothes and throw out stuff that had been dumped in the under-croft for years. We organised a hard rubbish collection by the council and now my clothes are much better, my under-croft is half empty and my mind is much clearer.

Denise is now monitoring my progress and keeping me accountable to myself and my goals.

I highly recommend Denise as an office/ home organiser. She listens to her clients' needs and encourages them to achieve their goals.

I know I will need to rebook her next year to take this work in progress to new heights and a clearer vista.

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