Working from home can be a brilliant privilege. Particularly if you are looking for flexibility. But  it can have its challenges.    With so much focus on the work/life balance we tend to zero in on work not infringing on our personal lives.  But what about keeping our personal lives out of work?  This can be a great challenge, particularly for those working from a home office; it is just too easy to be distracted with personal matters and the everyday running- of-the-house paperwork.

To keep the distractions to a minimum try removing all those personal matters  which may demand your attention.  Just remove them from sight; move the papers off your desk so you may focus only on work-related matters.

Even better than just temporarily shifting the personal paperwork (and maybe dumping it on the floor for now), establish a permanent home for it.  This could be a separate document tray stored on a side piece of furniture, or a dedicated porta-file which is stored and only brought out when ready to deal with, and focus on, personal matters.  All other times your work focus remains intact with only work related items to hand.

Greater focus means making the most of your time and increasing your productivity.

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