It gets out of control doesn’t it?   Combine all the ‘stuff’ we keep and use with toothpaste mess, loose hair and bits of makeup and soon our clean drawers and shelves look a disaster.


But there is a way to keep it in control.

To begin to organise these spaces, start by pulling out contents of drawers and shelves and lay them out on towels. Begin by grouping your items together – makeup, shaving gear, hair products, etc.    Discard all those out-of-date items and those products you purchased and thought you would use, but didn’t.  Out they go!  Culling these types of items ruthlessly will really free up some space.  Be sure to have a large garbage bag handy.    

Baskets are the best things ever invented for a bathroom; they organise contents beautifully by keeping items contained and from contaminating other items, such as loose hair infiltrating everywhere.  If you have some baskets, use them; if you don’t either purchase some or use any containers you have around the house such as old Tupperware, butter containers, etc.  They don’t have to look pretty; practicality and functionality are the key. (Buying lovely containers to organise your belongings is the ‘fun stuff’ that you can do once systems are in place and working).

Create ‘zones’ of products on your shelves or in your drawers such as ‘hair’, ‘stock items’, ‘nail accessories’ etc.   Then label!  Labelling is a great way to keep those items you have just spent time organising in check.

Regular cleanouts and maintenance of the labelled baskets and zones will also keep your bathroom areas tidy and sorted.


For more ideas on organising and reducing the clutter, call me           (Denise Childs) for a free 15 minute consultation:  0419 567 287.

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