With young ones, getting out the door can be challenging, particularly if you want to get out the door on time, with everything, and in a state of calm!  But by being a little organised, you can!

Firstly, the evening before gather everything together which you may need for the next day’s outing.  Find a convenient place near your exit, such as a hall table, to keep all these items.  Collect as much as you can in advance; pre-pack nappy and children’s backpacks.  Lay out the children’s clothes in advance if you wish.   Make a list for those ‘last minute items’ such as snacks (and your mobile phone) to check in the morning and pack before you leave.

Pre-prepare snacks the evening before also. Package these in lunchboxes or lunchbags in the fridge ready to grab at the last minute.

It is also handy to have a general ‘Out’ bag which you take everywhere with you which could include such items as dry-cleaning to be dropped off, library books to return, banking, letters to post etc.  This way you always have what you need with you in case you pass the relevant stop. It is also helpful to have a ‘shopping list’ of general items you need to purchase which require specialist stops such as pet store, hardware store, etc., again so you are well prepared.   This saves time, and petrol in the long run.

Plan your route in advance, check traffic holdups on relevant websites and take with you any contact numbers and names you may need.

Decide the latest time you need to leave, plan a schedule for tasks and ‘count down’ to this departure time allowing an extra 10 minutes for emergency ‘last minutes’. 

On the morning of the outing, check belongings, and give five minute warnings to relevant people to help reduce the emergency ‘last minutes’.

Then as you depart with children and belongings, and the Out Bag, stop, breathe, and take a mental stocktake of everything before you close the door.  No rushing, no stress, and on time.


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