Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Professional Organiser?

     A Professional Organiser is someone who works with a client, step-by-step to achieve order in the home or office. At Systems For Order I accomplish this by providing hands-on help to declutter, organise and simplify your space and I implement systems which are easily maintainable to ensure order continues.

  • Why should I hire a Professional Organiser?

    So many benefits!  Of course there is the physical assistance of decluttering and organising systems. But there is also the intangibles:  less stress, no more embarrassment, reduced frustration, greater efficiency and productivity by saving time and feeling in control.  And the tangible:  saving money and maximising your space.

  • Can I achieve lasting change or will I end up in a mess once you leave?

     As we work together I suggest systems to be put in place so that it is easy to remain organised and clutter-free. I provide strategies that work for you, in a way that suits your needs and teach how these can be maintained once I leave. Of course I can stay in touch and keep you on track.

  • What’s my first step?

    Call or email me!  We then make a mutually convenient time for me to visit your home for an initial assessment.   This visit maximizes time and enables advance planning as I am able to frame ideas about your main frustrations, concerns and space constraints. I am then able to suggest a plan on how we proceed.  (If distance is an issue I can assess your problem areas via photographs or Skype images).

  • I don’t feel comfortable with you seeing my mess! Wouldn’t I need to clean and sort beforehand?

     I am not there to judge you but to help you.  I do that best if I see your home as it usually is so I can assess the challenges you are facing and work with you to find a solution.

  • Won't a Personal Organiser make me throw things out?

    You keep control at all times and nothing is ever removed without your absolute approval.

  • What if I want to do it myself, but just don’t know where to start?

     Being overwhelmed and not knowing how to begin is very common.  I can help you find a starting point and then provide step-by-step actions for you to achieve your goal.  My 'Brainstorm & Get Started' packages are designed for such a first step.

  • I have lots more questions!

    Then please call or email me.


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