There’s lots to keep track of with a family; so many appointments, so many milestones, so many things to remember.  Being organised and setting up systems to help with keeping track, early on, can really help as the family grows.

Dental and medical records for example.  In a couple of years you are not going to remember what the dentist advised at the time for Johnny’s teeth, or the date those x-rays were taken and the exact details.  Keeping a log of all medical and dental happenings is a great reference for the future.

It can be as simple as an exercise book; one for Doctor, one for Dentist (and other specialities e.g. optometrist).  It could even be one for each person of the family.  The point being visits, dates and actions are recorded.

Each visit, take note of :

  • The name of the relevant member of the family

  • The date of the visit

  • What the Doctor/Dentist/Specialist advised

  • Your future actions, including next appointment date.

  • (You could even include cost involved if this is useful).

Cross reference dates to your diary or calendar for future action.

I have recording these specifics for my three boys most of their lives.  It’s the next step to the Maternal & Child Health books we received at their birth.  (You could also include further immunisations.)   

I have referred to these logs many times to ensure I have ‘crossed all my t’s’ in regard to appointments and the boys’ care and health. 

Being organised in ways such as this really is peace  of mind.


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