Helping your children be organised not only gives them life skills, it makes life easier for you.  Routines are one of the keys to organisation

Kids like routine.  Schools run on routine.  A nice synergy I think.  Follow the routine of the school.

In the classroom there is a place for school bags, a place to put notices, a place to put lunch orders.  When coming home can you establish similarly a place to put a school bag, a place where your child can leave notices and permission slips and a place to return the lunchbox?  Can they follow this routine each day?

Begin a routine now as school starts.  Help your child locate their uniform and shoes by designating a separate part of their wardrobe with easy access.  From which areas of the pantry can they pack their lunch? And are they easily accessible? And labelled clearly for quick access. Where is their school hat and sunblock kept?  And so on. Help them get out the door each morning by putting up a chart of things they need to remember to do to get ready for school.   Routines then become habits, making life easier.

Practice the routines now at the start of the year for on-going confidence.


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