As school is right on starting, with homework soon to follow, it is helpful to students to establish a School Resources Zone.    Organise your household by pulling together all the past textbooks which may be used again for future children, spare exercise books, folders, stationery, work books, reference books and all-things-school and organise one place for them within your home.  Label those places for easy access.

If you want to organise the house a little more, write up a master check list of items kept, and those that need to be purchased.

Ideally this Zone should be located near where your children do their homework.  Having a School Resources Zone, in one place, will help your child stay organised and help them easily locate what they need.  This will also help them to organise themselves by keeping on top of their equipment and resources.  The other great benefit is when it comes to purchasing new stationery items or books, you will be able to easily and quickly see if you already have these items, so you don’t double up on items.  This saves money.

If you spend a little time to help your student organise themselves, it makes life easier for you.

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