Organise for school – establish a reference file

To help organise the school year begin a ‘School Reference File’ and keep it handy for both parents and students to access.  Keep in it all related documents that you may need to refer to during the year such as:

  • Classes and teachers’ names
  • Names of other children in the class
  • Contact names and numbers of the parents of the children in the class (for play dates and emergency pickups)
  • Calendar of events for the year such as sports carnivals, camp and major assemblies
  • The weekly schedule such as library days, swimming days, etc.
  • Immunisation, medical and emergency details for ‘all those forms’
  • Canteen menu and price list (you could keep the paper bags and coin change here as well).

Keep all these details in a binder and make it accessible to everyone in the family.  It becomes a one-stop shop for all-things-school and helps being organised for school that little bit easier.


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