Start the new year helping your child be organised with their homework by establishing a Homework Zone.

Establish an efficient study/homework area that is so appealing your children want to sit there – lots.  Help them be organised by having everything to hand for them; stationery items, educational resources, drawing materials, etc.  Make it attractive and make it ‘their’ space, and they will be more likely to sit there. 

Keep the working area devoid of clutter and mess so the work bench is clear at all times; this makes it easy and appealing for your children to sit down and start their homework straight away.  Clear space is inviting.  Clear space means that their items have a place to be put away to, which helps keep the student and their spaces organised.

Preferably establish the homework zone away from the noise of the house.  Encourage your child to visit the zone each day even if there is no homework, and if only for quiet reading.  

Establishing good organisational and study habits early on greatly assist your child being organised for the future.



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